The office or the man?

There was a moment this week when the entire planet took a collective sharp intake of breath. The entirety of the connected human race listened to radios, read internet posts, and heard that a choice had been made in America that was wholly unexpected. Frankly, I too held my breath and struggled to see my path forward. Then I listened to people wiser than I, and was reminded of this:

Render unto Caesar what is Caesars. (Matthew 22:17-22, Mark 12:17, and Luke 20:25)
Let me be personal for just a moment. I’ve had a number of bosses that I didn’t like personally. They were thugs in neckties. Bullies in a suit. Biased in a skirt. I can now look back and say that I didn’t survive and thrive in those jobs or further my career because I honored the person but because I honored the position. You see God places into leadership who God wills to be in leadership. And the laws we have are there and should be honored. Without honor of either office or law we wil have anarchy. Imagine you don’t like the law against murder. Would you enjoy the result? Or the office of the Justice of the Peace. What would you do if they decided not to fulfill their duties when you claim to be in love? God doesn’t say to render anything unto Caesar except that which is his. In the end doesn’t God own it all anyway? 

So what to do? While we respect the office we are further to remember that we are to honor THE  law maker of us all and that is God himself. Honor his law above all else because honoring the leader he places is demonstrating that you honor God. To dishonor the leadership position is to dishonor God. But when you see a leader dishonor God I am reminded of Matthew 18:15-18 where we are admonished to speak with our brother if he has done wrong and offer wise council speaking to his fault. You do not disobey, you self advocate. More correctly stated, you obey by being a God advocate. 

Do I like every leader we have? No. Do I respect all of their stated policies or positions? No. But will I respect the office while offering wise God council? You bet I will. Because should I ever be in a position of leadership on such a grand stage, I’d want nothing less myself. 


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