It all belongs to God

1 chronicles 29:13-15
One of the most difficult and yet liberating messages the Bible has to offer is that nothing we have is ours and ours alone. I hear all the time that glory belongs to God. That all praise is to God and God alone. All things that are above and on and below belong to God. But how do we internalize that fact? How do we embrace the truth that we are simply stewards here and nothing we have, not even our own breath is our own but is on loan to us by the almighty God? 

This passage explosive this by saying first and foremost “..thank you God.” But in the next breath is asking who am I to thank you for something that is yours anyway? How can we justifiably thank God for something when we are so low and he is so high? After all, all we have is his anyway so how dare we thank God for things that are not ours? The writer goes on to say we are but strangers and sojourner. That is we are alien to God and without even a place to call our own. We are homeless and unknown to God and in that light are not worthy to be thankful to God. Worse than that our lives are finite and little more than shadow. 

David offers this in vs. 16: he will build God a house. A house with great stores and his son, Solomon, would build it and fill it with provision to the glory of God. This is to be king Solomons temple. Bankrolled by David, built by Solomon and dedicated to God. 

When I realize that God owns everything and I am only a steward of the things of this world, giving back to God is not hard. My time. My skills. My heart. All belong to God and by giving to him it extends further to be a giver to my neighbor. Jesus said everyone I meet and everyone I don’t meet is my neighbor. No one is a stranger to God because we are all his children. What father doesn’t know his own son and mother her own daughter? When I see how much God has blesssed me with family, a career, a ministry, and more, how can I possibly hold onto any of it jealously? How can I choose to selfishly hide it and use it to my own gain? Was God so selfish with me? I’d say no. 

By so willingly giving to God, it is so much more liberatingly easy to give to my fellow countrymen and countrywomen. So I too, as David did, say thank you God. Thank you for all you’ve entrusted to my care. Thank you for allowing me to be of a mind to be a giver in your name.

So thisThanksgiving as we gather with others to break bread, be sure to know that while we are here as stewards of this world, thank God in the best way you can for His blessings.  Thank God for all he has given but better than that: Thank God by building your own house, as your be been provided, to his glory. Amen. 


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