What shall I live for?

Hebrews 9:27-28

It is no surprise or mystery why Jesus came to dwell among us. He came to die so that when we reach our appointed time, we may have eternal life in him. 

But why are we to die? What purpose is there in our dying? This passage seems to offer a glimpse into the answer which I feel is less why we die but more why we are to live. 

Jesus died once for our sins and we are promised to see him again. He has conquered death and sin and will await us in the eternal with all power in his hands. So when we get there,  what shall be our testimony? What should he know about us when we see him again? Again…. when did you last see Jesus? Was it in a selfless act of kindness? A babies laugh? A miracle in the hospital? In the helping hand of a friend? Did you see Jesus? If you haven’t yet seen him, I encourage you to seek him out. Jesus is there if you have eyes to see and a heart that is open to his love. 

So when you see him again, what will be your report? This is the time of judgement (vs. 27) but this is not the end. While we yet live, this passage suggests that Jesus died bearing the sins of the world and will be seen again without that sin. Another passage teaches that the sins of the world are cast into the sea of forgetfulness. So what sins will we have? Only those we carry with us. It seems to me that means that it is not prescribed that we, born into sin, need be burdened by it as we transition into the eternal. If we repent and present ourselves to Jesus knowing we were in a sin sick world but not of that sin sick world, I believe that he will receive us as faithful stewards and will bid us enter in and join him in the place with many rooms which he prepared for us. 

Reject sin, embrace love, seek him, and when the THE of judgement comes, the only one who was ever wholly without sin may yet receive you into his bosom. 

Father, I ask you to purge me of evil report and make me more like your image. Make me into a disciple that is a light unto the world. This I pray. Amen. 


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