How will you thank God?

Psalm 18:1-2

David was a scoundrel. These no doubt. Yet that, God saw something within him that was beyond any of our seeing. Because of his grace, David was spared his demise. Perhaps it was to teach us a lesson that none of us are so far gone that God is unwilling to accept us to his bosom if we are sincere in our faith to him. The key is that we far too often forget that when God secures us from certain peril, we must give god praise in our own way. This psalm was written by David to the chief musician. I find it interesting that David was inspired to write to God but didn’t settle with a word. He gave it to a musician to make it into song. He collaborated if you will. In a way, this is emblematic of how we get anything done that will last and have significant impact on others and honor God; where two or three are gathered. 

I see David at his desk struggling to find the words that will perfectly express his joy at having escaped his doom. Words flow but he is not satisfied. He then turns to the musician. Together they create what is perhaps one of the most memorable of all psalms that has been sung for generation to generation. 

If you were to thank God with your heart, would a word be enough? Would you need to put those words to music too? Maybe in stone? In a book where a single line or paragraph would not be enough? Would you recite a poem? Deliver a sermon? Whisper it in someone’s ear as a way to inspir them too? Whatever you do, thank God. He is our rock and our salvation. His armament is sufficient to turn aside anything that have design to harm you. Thank him today. 


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