Are you alone?

Judges 16:20
Has God left you?
This is considered perhaps the saddest sentence in the Old Testament because it speaks to the ultimate loss. It speaks to complete unawareness of disconnection. Not knowing that God has abandoned you. Sampson had the strength of The Lord. The bind of his strength was the length of his hair and so long as it was not shorn, his binding to the strength of The Lord would remain. But by defying God, and by allowing his cord of strength bound to eternity be severed, he lost connection. He lost relationship with God… and the saddest thing is he doesn’t even know it. 
I cannot imagine a worse feeling than knowing I have lost connection with my lord and savior. To know that God has told me in no uncertain terms that I am no longer his to care for. To love. To turn his face to. But in that I could know that it happened. What if he left me, and I never even know it? How desperate could I be thinking I was protected by God, but when I enter into a situation where I need Him, “knowing” he’s with me… only to discover that He is not? Could there be an adequate way to describe the dark place I could be in to not never know what I’m missing out on. But worse to not know it until it is lost to me? Knowing full well I was fully in control of maintaining that connection and allowing a little g God come between me and THE God. Cutting, literally, my connection to God? And not. Even. Knowing. It. Happened. What a dark place to be. 


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