Friends and family plan 

Proverbs 17:17

I was at a major cellphone retail outlet once. They were discussing different plans they had available for my new mobile phone. They discussed different fees that provided different levels of service. They said to me that the more I spend the more services would be made available for my benefit. Each plan was for me to have a worry free way to maintain a connected relationship with the people in my life. One option they shared with me was called a friends and family plan. Curious I asked about it. In essence they said that in this plan I could have unlimited connection to my friends and family or a single fee. All I needed to do was be willing to share with the provider who my friends and family are. 

Interestingly I feel a message from God in this. 

Proverbs 17:17 says that a friend loves at all times. The message within those simple five words is that if I have the love of others, they are my friends. Too often I hear people say this person or that person is my friend.  But i believe they use the word too freely. In truth, there are only a few most of us could say are truly our friend. A few who can be trusted to love us regardless of who we are or where we go. Love doesn’t know limits and doesn’t die. A person who is only there when you are in good spirits or needing a drink is not a friend because those are not love. Those are fair weather friends. Love is there in season and out of season. Love is patient and allows me to grow and stays with me no matter what. At all times. 

But what of times that try men’s souls? Times that make me question my own worth as a man and a Christian? That is when I need my brother. He is there when adversity comes and come it will. No doubt. No day will come and go without some form of trial or trouble coming. It may be minor and quickly dismissed. Or it may be life changing and cause me to completely re-evaluate my life. But the trouble will come. The question then becomes, who is my brother? Who will be at my side when my view is focused ahead and I cannot see the danger behind? My brother will, be there. So is it wrong to say to random men, how are you brother? I don’t think so, but I do need to be aware that if I choose to call upon someone in a troubled times and need his presence due to adversity which has come my way, he must truly be my brother. My Christian brother. 

Have you ever heard the phrase, I was born for this? This means to me that I was always meant for this purpose. The word says that my brother was born for adversity. That says to me that adversity better watch out because my brother is here and he was born to deal with it. 

So what does this mean? This means that by investing in my friends and family time in ever increasing amounts, I can be sure that the love I think me will be returned to me and when I am troubled by adversity, so long as I stay connected to my brother, no arrow will profit in me. I find my greatest days are those where I am graced by my truest friends and protected by my brothers. 

May God bless me and you with the love of a friend and the brother who will stand with us in adversity. Amen.