Comforting the comforter 

2 Corinthians 1:3,4

It has been said that only the one who has been through something can testify to another how to ‘get over’ their similar issue. 

It has been thought that only a recovered alcoholic can truly minister to the alcoholic because the recovered drinker has been there and done that. To be sure, there is some logic to that notion. No doubt. If I want to know how to do something and do it well, I would seek one who has been there before too. Someone who has the ability to explain my path forward in as much detail as my curious mind may require. Children ask adults questions not always to be annoying, but because they know not what they do. 

So what of the times that will come that shall bring tribulations, which is a stained-glass word for the struggles of life? How are we to face those days? How does the faithful find comfort when they have heard so much tribulation even the most devout is now disquieted? What is the faithful to do when the confessions and mentoring has reached a tipping point and their mind is full of sinful thoughts we are unable to release the pain? 

This passage tells us that the same comforter that restores the stressed person, whom we as leaders of the Christian church will pray the Holy Spirit upon, will also fall upon us. What I see this passage saying is that the cycle of comfort is reciprocal and cyclical. That while we for comfort to the disconsolate we will receive comfort from The Holy One. Said another way, if you are not comforted, seek another that is discomforted and pray with them. Hold their hand and walk with them. Receive the blessing of comfort from the Holy Spirit and pay it forward to those who may not know the Lord. In so doing, the Word says that we will be comforted too. 

Your might say that this struggle I have, there cannot be any comfort for me. This pain is too strong and my scars are too deep. I say to you that the God we serve says that He is the God of all comfort. No pain or struggle, sadness or disappointment is stronger than the mighty God we serve. If we just stay in faith with him and continue to be a comforter to others, the Lord will be a comfort to us as well. He will fill us up and never let us run dry. Amen